Security Fencing

We believe our products and services are of the highest standard and we are committed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees and anyone who may be affected by our work activities. As part of this commitment we are working towards becoming CHAS compliant and operate with 100% CSCS accreditation and are working towards 100% FISS/CSCS accreditation and an NVQ qualified workforce.



Steel Palisade is ideal for any security application; it offers an efficient and cost effective solution to deter crime and vandalism and is designed to provide a formidable barrier, strength and rigidity. Constructed from hot and cold rolled steel, pales are manufactured in “D” or “W” profile with a choice of tops. Pales are available in a variety of heights with matching gates also available.




Mesh panel fencing provides a strong but elegant boundary fence without being a visual barrier. It can be used for a wide variety of applications including schools, industrial sites, public parks, play areas and sports installations.





The more traditional Chain Link is a genuine multi purpose fence system, woven from steel wire, is one the most widely used fencing systems. It is available in a variety of wire gauges, mesh sizes and finishes. Chain Link is recommended for use in Gardens, Children’s Playgrounds, Playing Fields, Recreational Grounds, Tennis Courts and for General Security.




Guard rails are used primarily in urban areas to protect the public from potential hazards. Shown here at a road side they are commonly used in the commercial and industrial sectors.






Railings are another multi purpose fencing system available an a range of styles and heights it gives the security of modern steel, matched with the classic looks of traditional iron railings. In addition railings are available with a maximum gap between pales of 100mm, as recommended by Local Authorities for sensitive locations such as schools and public areas.




Hoarding is usually used as temporary site security and along roadside developments, it is normally erected prior to commencement of construction works. Available to any company specification it can be painted in corporate colours as seen here, or used to promote  future openings in advance, achieve high profile branding, or raise public or commercial awareness of new developments while providing a high level of security.



Matching gates are available with most styles of fencing; chain link, steel palisade, mesh panel fencing, PVC-ufencing, timber palisade, close board, panel, post and rail, etc. and of course bespoke designs are available by order.