Domestic Fencing

Listed below are many of the fencing systems that we offer. To contact us about your particular needs or to enquire about other products which you may be looking for please contact us. Whether a new project or the fitting of replacements, our workmanship adheres to the latest required health and safety regulations and our quality products meet all the relevant British Safety Standards.


Eco Fence is made out of 88% recycled PVC-u with an outer skin which is UVA stable and colour fast with a minimum service life of 15 years. Independent testing proved that it has greater tensile strength than concrete posts, it will flex but not break. It will not crack and chip, and once erected requires no annual maintenance. At less than 5 kilos it is incredibly light making it a pleasure to work with.




Creating an alternative to wooden fencing, the FENSYS range has been developed incorporating a new Acrylic/PVC which forms a skin over the outer walls, this provides the colour stability that ensures your fencing will look as good in 20 years time as it does on the day that it is erected. Available in a variety of colours FENSYS is robust, maintenance free and able to withstand extreme conditions.



Wooden Palisade is ideal for many applications. It is a strong unobtrusive fence often used as a decorative boundary where full privacy is not required. Pales are available in a variety of heights with pointed, round or flat tops, it can also be erected on anti-climb arris rails. Matching gates are also available if required.





Close Board fence is a truly robust and long lasting fence, fully framed it is used for many different applications especially where a solid fence is not a practical option. Used mainly to provide privacy and security Close Board is available in a variety of heights and as shown here can be an impressive but versatile garden divide or boundary fence. Matching gates are also available if required.




Featheredge is another versatile fence available in a variety of heights with the option of a gravel board. It provides a solid boundary whatever the application. If what you’re after is an attractive fence that offers full privacy screening, then Featheredge is the ideal choice. In cases where security is required, 1.8m high Featheredge provides an impressive solid boundary. Matching gates are also available if required.




‘Hit & Miss’ fencing works well in both urban and rural locations and is a sensible choice for places exposed to high winds. It provides a solid boundary fence allowing minimal visibility only from certain angles and will allow air to pass through, ideal in situations where screening is important but air circulation must be maintained. Again it is available in a variety of heights and matching gates are also available if required.



The more traditional panel remains popular within property developments. We stock several different designs which are available in a variety of sizes and styles with many more available to order. Panels can be used for a variety of applications, especially to provide privacy. They can be erected on wooden or concrete posts or combined with Eco Fence posts and gravel board systems.