Agricultural Fencing

We are experts in agricultural fencing. Our range of sheep and livestock fencing, post and rail fencing and Equestrian fencing is constructed using the highest quality wire and timber, and is designed to incorporate variations in terrain and the requirements of specific animals. We take pride in our work and ensure that each project is tailored to meet your specific needs. Due to our specialist machinery We can erect large lines of stock fencing very quickly ensuring minimal disruption and the safety of your livestock.


Stock Fence is a heavy duty galvanised  steel fencing mesh netting for fencing in livestock. C8/80/15 is  an ideal pig fence / lamb fencing as it is 800mm high, but other  livestock / pets / animals can be controlled within this fencing  including sheep and some cattle. Standard post and wire fencing is available in various gauges and size, with barbed wire or plain wire.



Timber Post and Rail fencing is one of the more versatile fencing systems.  It offers an effective perimeter mark but without the obtrusive and overpowering effect that screen fencing can sometimes have, ideal where an area needs to be defined, but without obstructing the view. Post and Rail fencing is also highly popular around areas for grazing animals especially when wire netting is added and at roadsides.




Cleft chestnut post and rail is a traditional fence that blends well into a natural environment. It is constructed using mortised joints which means that no additional fixings are required.






We stock a wide range of field gates in a variety of sizes available with or without mesh an inexpensive option for creating an access where aesthetics are unimportant.





This entrance to a forestry bridleway is fitted with two types of anti-motorcycle barrier and a six bar wooden gate. One allows easy wheelchair / pedestrian access and the other allows easy access for horses and other animals. This allows the main gate to be secured stopping unauthorised vehicles from having access.